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Jeff  Director & Project Manager
Qualifications: autodidact. 25 years experience in IT, technical writing and translation. Trained and worked as a systems analyst then computer manager with Prudential Assurance and AK Advertising in the UK before relocating to France with Bull Computers. Headed a team of 150 technical writers for Thomson/Sedoc before turning to translation.

Jocelyne  Director & Project Manager
Qualifications: M.A
Educated in France, Canada and the UK. 
Worked in advertising with Publicis, fashion with Paco Rabanne, energy with Framatome. A born organiser, she brings drive and energy to the team and handles all the administrative side of our business.


Jean-Pierre  EN>FR technical translator
Former multimedia producer, video movie editor and training instructor. Conscientious and competent technical translator. Expertise: Industrial process control, Electronics, IT, Video editing, Networks and Telecommunications, Photocopier technology, electronics and telematics.


Annike  EN>FR translator
Qualifications: MA in Linguistics & Translation
Anglo-French. Expertise: Corporate communication, IT, Energy (nuclear, renewable, conventional), Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, International Development, Environment.


Stéphane  EN, IT>FR translator and editor
Qualifications: DESS from ESIT School of translation.
Excellent linguist and accomplished writer in French. At home with all types of marketing, financial, broadcasting, internet and technical material.


Rubén  EN, FR>SP translator
Qualifications: MEng, BEng, MA
Qualified engineer and linguist. Worked as a consultant for Accenture in the eCommerce, Automotive & Retail sectors before becoming a full-time translator. Expert in telecoms, networking, IT,  eCommerce, analog & digital electronics, microelectronics, control systems, auto engineering.

Italy Massimo  EN, FR>IT translator
Qualifications: Ph.D
Very experienced translator and excellent linguist. Areas of special expertise include consumer electronics, ERP, IT, communications, the arts and the automotive sector.

Germany Marion  EN>DE translator                                 
Qualifications:  B.A
Worked in journalism, PR and TV production in Germany and France. Experienced translator specialising in IT, particularly network security, graphics arts, video & audio editing. Also translates books on astrology, stress management, pregnancy.

Brazil Roberto  FR, EN, IT>PT translator                          
Qualifications:  B.Ph, M.A
Top grade literary & technical translator from Brazil. Expertise in life sciences, IT, medicine, tourism, current affairs, website localisation. Has translated more than 50 books published in Brazil.

Russia Alexander  EN>RU translator                               
Qualifications:  Ph. D Industrial electronics
Top grade technical translator with long experience in a wide range of industries - power engineering, process control, oil & gas, HVAC, telecom, aerospace, IT and others. Translates manuals, specifications, patents, tender documents.

Germany Matthias  EN>DE translator & project manager  
Qualifications: B.A. Univ. of Hildesheim
Experienced translator and project manager. Specialises in marketing and press material, corporate communication and investor relations, IT.

USA Michael  FR>EN translator                                        
Qualifications:  B.A. Stanford, DALF
20 years in construction and civil engineering, finance and accounting before becoming a software developer in France. Now living back in the USA, he offers a rare combination of hands-on engineering experience and language skills.

Netherlands Anne-Marie  EN>NL translator                    
Qualifications: Univ. of Amsterdam
Excellent language skills and substantial experience with IT-related material, particularly in the fields of ERP and video editing.

& UK
John  IT,NL,DE,FR,SP,PT,FI>EN translator    
Qualifications: BA, M.A. Cantab.
Spent 12 years in the construction and civil engineering  business then nearly 30 years at the European Union as translator/reviser. Specialised in law, finance, banking & insurance, international affairs. Impeccable English.

Japan Seiichi  EN>JP translator & project manager            
Qualifications: MA in Physics 
Spent 20 years as a hardware designer and software programmer before turning to translation. Translates all IT-related material, including process control, CAD/CAM, e-biz, security systems, medical applications.

France Patrice  EN>FR translator                                     
Qualifications:  B.A
Established technical translator of 25 years standing. Particular strengths lie in process control, aerospace, defence systems, marine engineering, power generation, electronic systems.

Belgium Koen  EN>NL translator                                                            
Qualifications: Antwerp School of Translators Diploma
Experienced translator and project manager. Areas of specialisation include IT, software localization, website translation, audio & video product manuals, commercial correspondence, press releases, sports.

Belgium Patrice  DTP guru                                              
What he doesn't know about DTP on Mac or PC just isn't worth knowing - he's been there form the start! FrameMaker - Quark Xpress - Word - WordPerfect - PageMaker - SGML - Illustrator - Acrobat - InDesign - Photoshop.

Germany David  DE>EN translator & project manager        
After several years in France, David settled in Germany, where he has been providing high quality services for some 20 years. Special skills in IT, industrial systems, telecoms and a wide range of other subjects.

Netherlands Michelle  EN>NL translator                          
Qualifications: Univ. of Amsterdam Translation Diploma 
Very experienced in a wide range of subject areas, including ITC, technical manuals, telecom, marketing, law, history, psychology, finance.

France John  FR>EN translator                                         
Qualifications: ISC and AFPA diploma in electronics
Originally from Bangalore, has lived and worked in France for 30 years. Fast and efficient translator who covers a very wide range of technical and scientific domains, including electronics, radar & weapons systems, aerospace, civil engineering.

UK Paul  IT, FR>EN  translator                                           
Qualifications: B.Sc Maths & Physics
Took up full-time translating after a career in the aerospace industry. His deep knowledge of a wide range of engineering subjects make him the ideal choice for anything to do with electronics, electrical and mechanical engineering, civil engineering, telecoms, aviation, navigation, motor vehicles.

Dan  FR>EN translator                               
Qualifications: MA in Musical Composition
Dual French/US citizen. Specialises in media, advertising, film scripts, websites, real estate, fashion, gastronomy, photography, corporate communication, technical manuals.

Italy Carlo  EN>IT translator                                            
Long established translator from Italy with special skills in industrial machinery, IT and a wide range of other subjects.

UK Claire  FR,DE>EN translator                                      
Qualifications: B.A.  Salford University
Versatile translator with considerable expertise in nuclear energy, engineering, health & safety, chemistry and industrial operating procedures.

Chile &
Alfonso  EN>SP  translator                     
Qualifications: Ph.D 
Highly experienced translator with special skills in the fields of aerospace, IT, law, international affairs, patents.

Finland Johanna  EN>FI translator                                  
Qualifications: M.A. Univ. of Tampere
Translator from Finland with special skills in IT marketing material and user manuals.

USA Guy  FR>EN translator                                  
Qualifications: M.A., M.Sc., Ph.D., P.Eng
Former geologist with the UN. His vast experience covers the mining industry, government, and research. Knowledge of related fields includes business, finance, physics, chemistry, mathematics, law, economics, and engineering.

Xue-Xing  EN>CN translator                                  
Qualifications: B.A. Ling. from Heilongjiang University
Award-winning translator with over 25 years experience. Former professor of English. Impeccable Chinese for a wide range of subject matter including user manuals, software, contracts and law, research papers, promotional literature.

Sweden Cecilia  EN>SW translator                                  
Qualifications: IT vocational training: networking, programming
Swedish computer hardware and software expert with extensive translating experience. Perfect for anything IT-related.

Japan & Australia Yo  EN<>JP translator                                  
Qualifications: Dip. Eng
Truly bilingual Japanese/English. Special skills in the IT and web design fields.

UK Fiona  FR,DE>EN translator & project leader                                
Qualifications: LLB
Law graduate Specializes in the areas of law, IT, ERP, marketing and tourism.

UK Stuart  DE>EN translator                                  
Qualifications: B.Sc & PGCE
Software engineer & translator of software manuals, user guides product brochures, web pages. UNIX specialist.

China Donglai  EN>CN translator                                     
Qualifications: B.A.
Experienced translator from China, specialising in IT, websites, corporate communication, marketing, financial reporting, tourist brochures, computer games.

Estonia Mari  USA Bruce Korea Hyeon
Iran Rahi USA Guy China   Chen
Finland Kirsti USA William Czech Rep. Kostas
Hungary Janos UK Graham Denmark Jytte
Greece Yanna UK Julie Turkey Shirin
Sweden Per Ukraine Irina Norway Andre
Latvia Yanis Belarus Leonid Portugal Gracinda
Korea Hyeon Malaya Sofie Portugal Joao
Venezuela Mary Uruguay Rosario Switzerland Juan Carlos