Submitting issues

Test case required

All bug reports and problem issues require a jsFiddle.
Please fork this JSFiddle as a baseline.

Providing a test case is the best way to get your issue addressed. Without a test case; your issue may be closed.
You must provide a clear and simple way to reproduce the issue with the provided fiddle.


Although Slick is designed to be super easy to use, there’s always things that can go wrong, especially when interacting with other plugins and complicated websites. If you are having problems getting Slick to work, or can’t figure something out, this repository‘s issues section is not the place to ask about it.

I have set up a subreddit for Slick discussion at
And a gitter chatroom here:
And finally you can ask the world for help, and find out if anyone else has your problem at stackoverflow.

Please use these forums as an area to discuss Slick and any issues you may have.

Feature Requests

If you would like to request or propose a feature, please do so in the the Slick subreddit or gitter chat: /

Pull requests

Contributions are welcome! That said, please be prepared to edit your pull request at request, and provide a jsFiddle of your fork working interoperably with every “mode” that Slick supports, and with varying numbers of slides, slidesToShow & slidesToScroll. Failure to do so will result in your pull request being closed.

Please note that while Slick is open source, this is still my baby, and by submitting a pull request you are authorizing me to edit or modify it in any way shape or form. You will be listed in Github as a contributor, but I have and will continue to steer the direction of this project.