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Translate instantly in any messaging app

iTranslate's keyboard translator empowers you to step up your multilingual messaging game. Say goodbye to the hassle of switching apps — simply type, tap, and send messages in dozens of languages directly from your normal keyboard. Welcome to the new way of multilingual texting.

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Your messages in your preferred language

Enjoy seamless translation across all messaging apps, turn your spoken words into translated text instantly, and navigate through Chinese characters effortlessly with our Pinyin support.

Universal compatibility

Unleash the power of translation across all your favorite messaging apps, from WhatsApp or iMessage to email and everything in between. With iTranslate, you can effortlessly switch languages and chat with ease, no matter which app you're using.

Dictation translation

Just speak and we'll do the rest. Use your phone's dictation function to create messages and watch as iTranslate's Keyboard Extension translates your words in real-time. Experience translation without the typing.

Pinyin support

Navigating the Chinese language? We've got you covered with our comprehensive Pinyin support. Effortlessly convert Chinese characters to Pinyin with iTranslate.

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Text translation
Keyboard extension
Add Custom Phrases to Phrasebook
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Offline mode
Camera translation
Alternative translation
Verb conjugations
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You type, we translate

Speaking different languages shouldn't be a barrier to effective communication. With iTranslate's Keyboard Extension, you can effortlessly converse with people from around the globe in your preferred messaging apps. Together, let's foster cross-cultural connections — one message at a time.

How it works

Explore how to break communication barriers without leaving your conversation.

More than just keyboard translation

Find even more ways to translate, communicate, and connect with iTranslate’s additional features.

Offline translation
Translate anything, anytime, anywhere

Translate offline without an internet connection

Text translation
Translate words & phrases

Get instant text translations in 100+ languages

Camera translation
Snap and translate

Turn your phone’s camera into a visual translation tool

Voice translation
Speak freely

Become instantly fluent in almost any language or dialect

Real people, real success with iTranslate

Get inspired by stories from our users who have unlocked the power of language with iTranslate. See how our app is helping people connect across the globe.

Phenomenal app!!!

The way you can use it as a keyboard is out of this world awesome!!! You can also have your phrases read to you out loud in your language of choice! I am hooked! This app is just down right awesome!!!

– astarr89


I’ve used this app for years now, and there’s a reason for that. Keep up the good work!

– Mecano8481

Great app!

The easy to use and functionality of this app is what makes it great for me. I am struggling to learn a couple languages at the same time and this app has helped me out every time

– ayayamee

With iTranslate Pro, you get way more than just text translation

iTranslate Pro empowers you to start voice conversations, translate offline or on, translate with your phone’s camera, and more.

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