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Seamless voice translation in 100+ languages

Speak naturally and let iTranslate do the rest. Our voice translator listens, understands, and translates your words into any language or dialect you choose. Experience borderless communication like never before.

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Speak freely, translate instantly

Experience genuine conversations enriched with regional dialects, fine-tune your interactions with customized voices, and speak confidently wherever you are, thanks to offline voice translations.

Regional dialects

Language is more than just words. It’s also about the nuances that regional dialects bring. Our regional dialects allow you to translate and speak in different vernaculars, ensuring authenticity in your conversations. It's not just about understanding and being understood but about fostering genuine connections and communicating in a way that feels natural and true to the region.

Customized voices

Customization can bring a personal touch to your voice translations. With iTranslate, you can choose between male and female voices and adjust the speed of the voice output to match your listening preferences. This flexibility enhances your experience, making your interactions more comfortable, engaging, and tailored to your specific needs.

Offline voice translations

There's no need to worry about not being heard when you're offline. With our offline voice translations, you can continue communicating fluently, even without internet access. Whether you're exploring remote landscapes or caught in an area with unreliable connectivity, your voice translations will remain uninterrupted, keeping your conversations in motion no matter where you are.

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You speak, we translate

At iTranslate, we believe that every word counts. That's why our voice translator is designed to help you communicate around the globe. It translates your spoken words into any language you desire, so you can communicate with ease. With iTranslate, your voice knows no borders.

A closer look at iTranslate's voice translator

Get a glimpse of our user-friendly interface and how it effortlessly handles voice translations.

More than just voice translation

Find even more ways to translate, communicate, and connect with iTranslate’s additional features.

Offline translation
Translate anything, anytime, anywhere

Translate offline without an internet connection

Text translation
Translate words & phrases

Get instant text translations in 100+ languages

Camera translation
Snap and translate

Turn your phone’s camera into a visual translation tool

Keyboard extension
Type and translate

Get instant translations right in your favorite messaging app

Real people, real success with iTranslate

Get inspired by stories from our users who have unlocked the power of language with iTranslate. See how our app is helping people connect across the globe.

Phenomenal app!!!

The way you can use it as a keyboard is out of this world awesome!!! You can also have your phrases read to you out loud in your language of choice! I am hooked! This app is just down right awesome!!!

– astarr89


I’ve used this app for years now, and there’s a reason for that. Keep up the good work!

– Mecano8481

Great app!

The easy to use and functionality of this app is what makes it great for me. I am struggling to learn a couple languages at the same time and this app has helped me out every time

– ayayamee

With iTranslate Pro, you get way more than just text translation

iTranslate Pro empowers you to start voice conversations, translate offline or on, translate with your phone’s camera, and more.

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