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iTranslate's innovative features make learning new languages effortless and enjoyable. Start your language learning journey today.

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Meet your language learning companion

There are many ways to learn a language and each person's journey is unique. No matter your preferred approach, iTranslate is the perfect language learning partner.

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iTranslate helps language learners clarify new concepts, words, and phrases. It also empowers you to quickly look up unfamiliar terms, verify translations, and practice your pronunciation.

Structured courses guided by instructors who offer personalized feedback is a preferred language learning method for many.


Efficiently translate unknown words and phrases, explore alternative meanings, and refine your pronunciation with iTranslate.

Affording flexibility, the ability to learn at your own pace, and access to diverse resources tailored to your individual needs, self-study is a popular way to learn a language.


iTranslate helps language learners navigate complex phrases, idiomatic expressions, and unfamiliar vocabulary so you can better understand the content you view.

Engaging and entertaining, contextual learning via media provides exposure to colloquial language and helps improve comprehension via exposure.


A convenient travel companion that offers on-the-spot translations and offline translation, iTranslate makes your immersion experience smoother and more enjoyable.

By learning in real-life contexts, you can improve rapidly and better understand various cultures.


iTranslate helps to resolve communication barriers and facilitate more natural conversations.

Having authentic conversations, exchanging cultures, and developing new skills can go a long way in learning a language.

Why choose iTranslate for language learning?

Unlock the full power of iTranslate, which combines translation capabilities and innovative features to create a personalized and engaging language learning experience.

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Choose from 100+ languages

With over 100 languages at your fingertips, iTranslate lets you easily explore, study, and communicate languages that interest you at any proficiency level.

Practice your pronunciation

Hone your pronunciation skills and connect with people from different cultures using iTranslate's Voice mode.

Navigate effortlessly

iTranslate's easy-to-use interface is designed to make your language learning process seamless.

Enhance your learning

iTranslate's comprehensive language toolkit includes alternative translations, conjugations, a phrasebook, and much more.

Unlock your language learning potential with iTranslate

For when you can't find the right word

Stumbled upon a new word while reading a book in another language? With iTranslate's text translation feature, not only can you discover the word's meaning, you also explore alternative translations to expand your communication palette.

For mastering your pronunciation

With autocomplete and alternative
translations our text mode delivers a
state-of-the-art experience in more
than 100 languages.

For perfecting your grammar

Struggling to recall the past tense of the German verb "laufen"? Eliminate doubts with iTranslate's Verb Conjugation feature, offering a reliable resource to refine your grammar and enhance your language proficiency.

For staying connected with friends around the world

Master the art of texting in a foreign language with iTranslate's Keyboard extension. Effortlessly find the right words and stay connected with friends across the globe as you foster relationships and bridge linguistic gaps.

FAQs for language learners

How long does it take to learn a language?

Learning a language isn’t a quick task — it’s a journey. The time required will vary depending on several factors like the complexity of the language, the time you’re able to spend on it, and your prior language skills. On average, it takes a few months to a couple of years to become proficient. iTranslate can speed up the process with powerful features like voice and text translations and verb conjugations.

How can I learn a new language on my own?

Learning a new language on your own requires motivation, resources, and consistent practice. It’s best to begin by setting clear goals, setting aside time every day to study, and using different materials like books and online courses. Still, the most important part is to practice speaking and writing the language as much as possible. An app like iTranslate can be the perfect companion in your language learning journey. Our text translation feature can help you understand and learn new words, phrases, and sentence structures, while our voice translation feature can aid you in improving your pronunciation and listening skills.

Do I need to learn grammar?

While you can pick up some language basics without a deep dive into grammar, understanding grammar rules can significantly enhance your language skills and comprehension. Grammar provides the structure you need to effectively express your thoughts and understand others. iTranslate can support you by offering verb conjugations and alternative translations that help you grasp the grammatical nuances of your chosen language.

What's the easiest way to learn a new language?

The “easiest” way depends on your learning style, but generally immersion is considered one of the most effective methods. This means incorporating the language into your everyday life through speaking, listening, and reading. iTranslate can enhance this experience. For example, our camera translation and AR feature allow you to translate text on surfaces and objects, helping you learn new words and phrases in a fun, interactive way.

What language should I learn?

Choosing a language to learn depends on your personal interests and goals. If you’re learning a language for travel, you might choose the language of the country you plan to visit. If it’s for business, you might choose a language that’s widely used in your industry. Consider your motivation, the resources available to you, and how much you’re interested in the culture where the language is spoken. Whichever language you choose, iTranslate is here to support you with a broad range of translation tools.

Where can I find other fun language learning resources?

There are many enjoyable resources for learning a new language. You might consider language learning apps, podcasts, YouTube channels, language exchange sites, and international movies. Additionally, reading books or news articles in your chosen language can be both entertaining and educational. Remember that iTranslate can act as a useful sidekick to these resources, helping to clarify any tricky phrases or words you encounter along the way.

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