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10 things you might not know about Argentina

Argentina is a country of superlatives and with a total area of ​​2.78 million square kilometers, also the second-largest country in South America. It borders Brazil, Paraguay, and Bolivia in the north and Chile in the west. 

The official language of the approximately 43.6 million inhabitants is Spanish and partly also English. The Argentinian culture was highly influenced by Europe and benefits from a high level of education, a qualitative health system, and a high standard of living in general. 

But as we all can easily guess, Argentina has a lot more to offer.

1) Home Of One Of The World's Loudest Animals

Howler Monkeys are commonly found in the Argentinan rainforests and are the loudest animals in the Western Hemisphere. Their calls can reach 90dB, meaning, you'll hear them up to almost 5km (~3.1 miles) away! To "recharge" the energy they've lost from howling, those little monkeys may sleep for up to 15 hours a day. 

2) One Of The First Radio Broadcasters

Argentina was one of the first countries in the world to have radio broadcasting. It was on August 27, 1920, when the first relay was made. But at that time, about 20 people only had a radio receiver to listen to the broadcast.

3) Creator Of The First Animated Feature Film


Besides being one of the first to have radio broadcasting, Argentia also released the world's first full-length cartoon. Quirino Cristiani made the film in 1917, who was also an inspiration to Walt Disney when he visited Quirino's studio on the outskirts of Buenos Aires back then.

4) Highest Number Of Plastic Surgery

Credits: Karelys Ruiz

Plastic surgery is extremely popular in Argentina since the country has the highest number of plastic surgeries - per person - in the world. Meaning, at least one in 30 people have undergone cosmetic surgery, which makes Argentina perhaps one of the world's most looks-conscious countries. 

5) It Tried To Claim Some Land Of The Antarctic Continent

Credits: Cassie Matias

In 1977, Argentina sent a pregnant woman to the Esperanza Base on Antarctica to solve the sovereignty dispute over the territory there. Her baby boy, named Emilio Palma, became the very first human to be born in Antarctica. The Esperanza Base is part of Argentina's national territory, and since the boy's parents were both also Argentine citizens, Emilio was automatically granted Argentine citizenship by the government. 

6) First Country To Use Fingerprints

Credits: Bill Oxford

Argentina was the first country where fingerprinting was used to solve a crime. The first known example occurred in June 1892, when police used a bloody fingerprint left on a door handle to discover the culprit, who not long after, eventually confessed to the crime.

7) Most Psychologist Per Capita

Argentina has the world's highest number of psychoanalysts and psychiatrists per capita. Recent studies show that there are ~196 psychologists per 100.000 residents. There's even an own psychoanalytic district in Buenos Aires called "Ville Freud".  

8) Church Of Maradona

Fans of Argentina's retired soccer player Diego Maradona created their own religion to honor their idol: the Church of Maradona. Believe it or not, but there are more than 120,000 members!

9) The Welsh Part of Argentina

There is a Welsh-speaking part of Argentina deep in the Chubut province of Patagonia. In 1865, a group of Welsh settlers crossed the Atlantic to eventually end up and settle down in this remote place of Patagonia. Around 5,000 people there speak Welsh, even though they've developed their own dialect over time.  

10) The World's Earliest Plants


The earliest plants to grow and colonize on land have been discovered in Argentina. These newly discovered plants are called "liverworts" and appeared ~~472 million years ago. Liverworts are very simple plants that lack roots as well as stems. Still, it is quite certain that they are likely to be the ancestors of all land plants.

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