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Introducing Custom Phrasebook: Now you're in control of your language learning journey

When learning a language, do you ever find yourself wishing you could save a set of phrases that are specifically tailored to your interests, needs, and goals? Or have you perhaps needed a unique set of sentences for a particular conversation or situation?

Introducing Custom Phrasebook

Our standard Phrasebook has long been an invaluable tool for many, but at iTranslate we know not everyone learns a new language the same way. So, we set out to offer a solution that allows you to take control and personalize your language learning journey.

That's why we're thrilled to announce our brand new feature: Custom Phrasebook. iTranslate’s Custom Phrasebook is designed to help you supercharge your language learning process by empowering you to create personalized collections of phrases and sentences, taking you beyond the limitations of pre-defined phrases.

A breakthrough feature inspired by you

Custom Phrasebook is the result of us listening to your needs, understanding your learning habits, and taking your language learning experiences to heart. At its core, it's about giving you the reins. You're now in control of creating and organizing your very own phrase collections based on different themes, situations, and categories. Whether you're prepping for a business trip to Tokyo or mastering medical jargon in Spanish, Custom Phrasebook is here to make your language learning more organized and efficient.

How it works

To get started, simply open the iTranslate app and translate a new sentence or phrase. Then, scroll down to see your recent text translations. If you're adding content to a phrasebook for the very first time, bookmark the desired phrase — this will trigger a new window at the bottom of the screen asking you to either add the translation to "Saved Translations" or create a new phrasebook by tapping "+ New phrasebook." If you choose the latter option, you'll also be asked to name your new phrasebook. From there, building your personalized phrase collections is a piece of cake. You can create as many collections as you like and populate them with as many phrases as you need. To view your Custom Phrasebook, go to "Phrasebook" at the bottom of the screen, and you'll see your personal collection under "My phrasebooks" right at the top, followed by the app's preset phrasebook below.

The beauty of the Custom Phrasebook is that it grows with you. The more you use it, the more it becomes a truly personalized language learning tool. Because, in the end, it's not just about storing phrases but about making language learning a more personal, engaging, and fruitful experience. We’re incredibly excited about this new feature and believe it will revolutionize how our users interact with iTranslate and learn new languages. With Custom Phrasebook, iTranslate further cements itself as the leading, most comprehensive language learning companion — and we invite you to join us.

Try Custom Phrasebook today

So, dive in, explore Custom Phrasebook, and see how it brings a new dimension to your language learning journey. We can't wait to hear your feedback and see how you're using this new feature!

Here's to breaking language barriers. Together.

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