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Grammatica: Supercharge your writing skills with the all-new AI-powered writing assistant

"Editing is Key." And it all starts with correct spelling and grammar. With the new release of the Grammatica App and its dedicated Keyboard Extension, you'll instantly write better, everywhere.

Compose Mistake-Free Writing With The Grammatica App

Grammatica goes beyond breaking language barriers by striving for effective and clear communication. It is a revolutionary writing assistant that empowers people - both native and non-native English speakers - to become more confident in their writing and texting.

Besides the dedicated spell check and grammatical assistance, the app also comes with predictive typing, autocorrection, synonyms, style suggestions, and a personal dictionary - all seamlessly integrated into its sleek UI.

To get your texts and messages checked, you can either use the Grammatica app itself ​or add the Grammatica keyboard.
If you choose to use the app, you can instantly start typing in the presented text field. As you type, suggestions (including a description of the error type) appear at the top of the keyboard. You can then either approve the suggestion with a tap on the green arrow button or dismiss it. That way, you can both easily incorporate the feedback into the writing process and quickly learn from the mistakes. When you're done, hit the "Share" button.

The Grammatica Keyboard Goes Wherever You Go

If you've gotten used to that casual mobile slang with acronyms, gifs, and emojis, it might be overwhelming and exhausting to have to change to formal and sophisticated writing suddenly. But even if you just want to compose the perfect pick-up line, you'll definitely want to get rid of those embarrassing typos. Luckily, you can use the Grammatica Keyboard Extension in conjunction with all your other apps, helping you write typo-free tweets and Instagram captions.

All you need to do first is add the keyboard in your device's settings. After that, you're ready to use it in any app you wish - no copy and pasting required. Simply switch to the Grammatica keyboard, and Grammatica starts proofreading as you type. With instant feedback, avoiding typing errors, and grammar mistakes has never been easier.

Say "Bye-bye" to the days of fighting those pesky tiny anxiety attacks triggered by tapping that "Send" button!

How Grammatica Uses Artificial Intelligence To Enhance Your Writing

Understanding and processing natural language are among the most challenging AI areas. Therefore, you approach it through different techniques and narrow the focus of the application at the same time.
Machine Learning, as a part of AI, plays a vital role in this process. Here, it is used to teach an algorithm what proper grammar and writing looks like by providing vast amounts of high-quality training data. This data shows not only the appropriate use of punctuation, spelling, grammar, and sentence structure but also incorrect applications so the machine could learn the difference. But training an AI system is not as easy as it may sound because you have to be very careful about what you expose it to. Also, you need to take good care of the training data by organizing and labeling it in a way the AI algorithms can properly understand it. In combination with other natural language processing approaches, the system is then able to analyze and enhance the written text from character level, up to words, paragraphs and full texts.

And as you can imagine already, such a complex AI system requires a lot of computing power, which your mobile device simply ​can't​ provide. This is why Grammatica runs in the cloud, rather than locally on your device. All you need to do is make sure your device is connected to the internet, and Grammatica is ready to go!

So far, English is the first language supported by Grammatica, but more languages are already in the pipeline. It is available to download for both the iPhone and iPad today via the App Store.

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