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Release Note: iTranslate 13 Introduces AR Translation Mode and Enhanced User Interface

iTranslate's mission has and always will be to give its users the perfect tool to read, write, and speak in all languages, anywhere in the world. But the visual experience will not fall short of expectations either.

Here's what you can expect to see in the brand-new update:

Translator Meets Augmented Reality

Compared to the iTranslate Lens feature, which instantly translates menus, cards, signs, or anything else you encounter with your phone's camera, the new AR mode is much more interactive. iTranslate's AR Translation Mode uses the technology of Apple's ARKit framework, which integrates the iOS device camera and motion features to produce augmented reality experiences in apps and games. The Scene Geometry of the ARKit creates a topological map or 3D representation of the space around you in real- time with labels/tags identifying practically any object.
Meaning, rather than just taking a picture, you're able to move around while interacting with objects, since the AR feature recognizes the depth of the surrounding space.

Before you get your hands on the AR feature, you must first select the language you want to be translated and make sure that the device is connected to the internet. After that, simply tap on the AR button from the Tab Bar to use the AR Translation Mode and move the iPhone (or iPad) to start. Moving the device at the beginning of any AR experience is essential as it needs to analyze and measure the position and contents of its physical environment. By tapping on one or more objects, the app creates tags that stay on the selected objects while you move. When tapping on a tag, you'll find the translation and more results (f.e. other tag suggestions for the selected object). You can then either copy the translation and exit the AR view or stay and continue translating the world around you.

Fresh Looks And A More Intuitive Interface

More than just a new look, the new interface of the iTranslate app was redesigned with the users always in mind. Meaning, while there have been many visual changes, all the functionalities the users know and love are still there. It's pretty, and even more user- friendly and intuitive than before - what is there more to ask?

Avid iTranslate users will undoubtedly immediately notice the enhanced "Tab Bar," which lets you easily switch between Text Translation, Lens Feature, Voice Mode, the all-new AR Translation Mode, and the More Menu. Speaking of the More Menu: Once you tap on it, you'll get the full list of all 10 Extension Views, which now share a more consistent look-and-feel. And of course, the new design still offers the user's beloved Dark Mode.


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